2018 - Storm Boy - Soundtrack and Sound Design; Blowfish Studios; Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX One, iPhone, Android

2018 - Siegecraft Commander - Soundtrack and Sound Design; Blowfish Studios, Microsoft; Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PS4, PC

2017 - Lost Survivor - Additional Sound Design; Innogames; Mobile

2017 - Brainy Arkies - Soundtrack and Sound Design; Blowfish Studios, Marshall Cavendish Education; Mobile

2017 - Candy Bubble - Soundtrack and Sound Design; Moonbyte Studios; Browser

2016 - Shadow House - Additional Sound Design; Scholastic, Blowfisch Studios; Mobile

2016 - Horizon - Additional Sound Design and additional music; Scholastic, Blowfisch Studios; Mobile

2016 - Tiles And Tales -Soundtrack and Sound Design (Mobile Game by Playata and Trilith Entertainment)

2015 - Legend Borne - Soundtrack and Sound Design (IOS Game from DeNa and Blowfish Studios)

2015 - Gunscape - Additional Sound Design (PC, XBOX One by Blowfish Studios)

2015 - Rump! - Soundtrack and Sound Design (PC by Dedication Labs)

2015 - Big Bang Empire - additional Sound Design (Browsergame by Playata)

2014 - Splashtime - Soundtrack and Sound Design (iOs Game by Playata)

2013 - Operation X (Browsergame by Playata, the developers of the Hitgame Hero Zero)

2013 - Hero Zero (Browsergame with over 14 million gamern worldwide)

2013 - Busy Bags (Timemanagement Game for Smartphones)



Movie Trailer & Promos:

Wonder Woman
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Justice Leage
Hungergames: Mocking Jay Part 1
Deadpool 2
Jason Borne

Game Trailer & Promos:

Minecraft: Story Mode
Lego: Ninjago
For Honor
Call of Duty Online
Storm Boy
Siegecraft Commander


John Deere



2015 - 37 (Feature Film by Chris Brügge) Co-Writer Simon Osterhold

2014 - Wonderful (Shortfilm by Chris Brügge)




Gadgets (S) by Warner Chappell
Synthescience (S) by Warner Chappell
Epic Emotions (S) by Warner Chappell
Welcome To The Jungle (S) by Warner Chappell
Critical Edge 2 (S) by Lemoncake
Crime & Science 2 (S) by Lemoncake
Cool Products (F) by Minim
Challenger (F) by Inside Tracks
Superhero Soundtrack (F) by Inside Tracks
Urban Tension (F) by Inside Tracks
Rogue (F) by Evolving Sound
Glitchscapes (F) by Gothic Storm
Tension Drones (F) by Gothis Storm
Terror Lab Vol. 3 (F) Brand X Music


Cinematic Action (S) by Warner Chappell
Critical Edge (S) by Lemoncake
Crime & Science (S) by Lemoncake
Cinematic Apocalypse 4 (F) by Liquid Cinema
Olympia (F) by Inside Tracks
Cinematic Orchestral Tension (F) by Inside Tracks
Terror Lab Vol. 2 (F) Brand X Music
Drums: Assault (F) Brand X Music
Epic Builds and Action Vol. 4 (F) Brnad X Music


Crime & Science (S) by Warner Chappell
Breaking Point (S) by Revolt Production Music
Ancient Times Vol.1 (F) by Brand X Music
Aopcalyptica (F) by SPM
Bangers Smash (F) by SPM
Terra Firma (F) by SPM
X-Files Vol.5 & 6 (F) by Really Slow Motion
Juggernauts Wrath 1 & 2 (F) by Revolt Production Music


Hope - Emotional Piano (S) by Warner Chappell
Kantana (S) by Sub Pub Music
Happy (S) by Sub Pub Music
Abrasion (F) by Really Slow Motion
Illume (F) by Really Slow Motion
Outlandish (F) by Sub Pub Music
Equilibrium (F) by Sub Pub Music
Cinematic Apocalypse 3 (F) by Liquid Cinema


The Road Less Traveled (F) by DosBrains
Aeterna (F) by Liquid Cinema
Immortal (F) by Dos Brains
Fire and Ice (F) by DosBrains


Humankind (F) by TheUnfinished
Bellow The Horizon (F) by Dos Brains

(F) = Featured Tracks

(S) = Solo Album



2016 - Nominated for "Best Score" for "37" (International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema - Berlin)

2015 - "Best Score" for the Feature Film "37" by Chris Brügge (Maverick Movie Awards)



2015 - graduated as Master in "Orchestration for Film and TV" at Berklee College of Music

2013 - graduated from SET School of Entertainment and Technology as Mediacomposer (FH)